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  1. I'm working with a DVD that has multiple episodes packed together in a single VTS sequence, broken up by Title. I've found a way to extract the video and audio streams separated by Title, but I can't find a way to get the subtitles out in the same way. I'd really rather not have to do it manually. Anyone know of a tool that can do that? I've already tried SubExtractor, but no luck there.
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  2. PGCDemux can output audio, video, and subs by PGC (Title). The subs will be in SUP format. If that's no good to you, DVDSubEdit can OCR them to SRT.

    Also, DVDDecrypter set for IFO Mode (not the default) can extract the VOBs for the various episodes from which you can later demux the subs using SubRip or VobSubConfigure or somesuch.
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  3. That did the trick perfectly. Even looks like it gave me chapter info to boot. Thanks!
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