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  1. I'm trying to download this episode in HD from ABC website with youtube-dl, but its not working. Its asking me to use proxy, but I already connected my VPN & changed country to USA New York (with Hotspot Shield), yet i'm unable to download it with youtube-dl or ffmpeg.
    Please help me to download this video, here's the link:

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  2. Need access.
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  3. Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    Need access.
    What kind of access?
    Because on my end, i'm unable to download it, it gives me an error something like ''needs TV provider username/password'' but i don't have any TV provider (as i'm not from the US). So is there any solution to this?
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  4. Need TV provider username/password.
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    Episodes are available from without logging in to an account with a paid TV provider in the USA for only one week after the program airs. After one week, someone must log in to their account with a paid TV provider in the USA to access the episode. However, assuming that the download succeeds, the downloaded file is probably unplayable because any stream accessed via a service provider's account login is very likely to be encrypted. (At least that has been my experience.)
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