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  1. Am looking to convert some mp4 videos to smaller hevc files
    Would appreciate any recommendations for free video converters that can do this conversion well
    Thanks for your help
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    HEVC is a content format.
    MP4 is a container format. It can contain different video formats, including HEVC.

    There are a lot of good free converters with strengths and weaknesses in details, many are based on ffmpeg, e.g.: HandBrake, VidCoder, MediaCoder, TEncoder, XMedia Recode ...

    But converting video between lossy formats will always lose more quality, often even if you use as much bitrate for the target as the original file, if not even more. So you will probably mostly waste a lot of time and not gain much space. It is only sensible if you compress from the same high-quality original material (e.g. Blu-ray).
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