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  1. I've gotten (and given) lots of help and advice on this board over the years, so I hope someone can help with an issue I'm having. I was searching for a software blu ray player that would display menus, etc, and tried a freeware version of Leowo player. It worked, but the color of the playback was very washed out, almost black and white. Oh well, I thought, I'll keep looking. But apparently it did something to my system because now ALL video files I try to play are washed out, whether using VLC, Pot Player, Windows Media player, Irfanview, you name it. All colors are perfect on the system elsewhere, in picture files, Netflix and Amazon, everything except when I use a software player to play a video file on the PC. I tried doing a system restore, but there was no point available from before this got messed up. I've tried everything and can't find a solution. Has anyone else experienced something like this, a system-wide washout of video file playback, and if so can anyone advise? Very frustrating. Thanks. I'm on an HP Spectre, windows 10. Intel Iris Plus graphics. It's as though some shared file which all the video player softwares use has been changed or corrupted.
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  2. Thanks,ProWo, I'll try it.
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