Hi Editing Folk,

I'm looking to potentially invest in a year's worth of Filmora 9, though I'm undecided due to a couple of (quite basic) issues I can't find solutions to in the trial version. I was wondering whether you guys would be kind enough to advise on the following functions...

* When you have a block of text - a paragraph - displayed via creating a title, how do you go about properly justify-aligning it? As far as I can discern, the last line of a justified-aligned paragraph of text will always look too spaced apart, and, if you try to rectify this by highlighting only that last line and hitting the left-align button, the whole paragraph then becomes left-aligned.

* More basically, I want to add a title above the aforementioned paragraph. I want that title to be centre-aligned and the paragraph to remain justified-aligned, but, similarly to the above issue, highlighting the title and hitting the centre-align button centres the paragraph as well. I additionally want to underline the title, yet, frustratingly, there doesn't appear to be an underline option.

Any advice would be much appreciated