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  1. I used this version for awhile no problem, i recently reinstalled from 1.9.7 back to 1.9.6 because of bug. Not immediately afterwards, but now i have all of the sudden distorted sound and crackings. DPC. latency is fine. I have no idea why, setting was same after reinstall. Also i have no problem with sound anywhere else... It is only MPC-HC! I am using MPC-HC 1.9.6 x32 on Windows 10 x64 Pro. I also tried to disable switcher, or different audio renderers - didn't help and i restarted pc and reset setting to default. This is pretty annoying, it never happened to me using any player... It is every time something...

    Please help!

    EDIT: ah never mind hardware acceleration in SVP Pro unchecked, solved...
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  2. Downloading the (latest stable) portable version of mpc-hc and testing with default settings (EVR-CP renderer, no filters) is a good first step to troubleshoot any issues.
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