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    Originally Posted by vol.2 View Post
    my PV-S4990. It's a SVHS machine somewhat similar to the AG-1980.
    Nope. But it may sorta-kinda be similar, maybe, to the older AG-1960. In general, it's just an ancient VCR that's too old for digitizing tasks. The AG-1970 was better than 1960, but still very degraded compared to 1980.
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  2. do you replace the belts when doing a refurb?
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  3. Hey Deter,

    My repaired units are going strong! Wondering if you've ever messed with the NV-FS200 series (PAL equivalent). I need to pick up a PAL VCR. Figured this might be the best option, but wanna see if anyone over here is working on them. Thanks!
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