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    It is great to have another person who can work on these decks! The rate is not crazy for the amount of work involved.

    I do want to say that it is better to let your work stand on its own and not try to put down others. Tom Grant is also a top notch tech who can cover a lot of ground including rejuvenating the display, refinishing the cover etc. and who has overhauled three of my decks with excellent results. The one thing he does not do is provide a post service performance and calibration report (Iíve asked) and if you do, that would set you apart!
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  2. Good to know another person is around doing repairs. For what it's worth, I purchased a TGrant refurb earlier this year and it's been a great deck so far, and their responses to some questions have been professional. No idea on the other critiques.

    At this point, i'm concerned with the future of hardware repair, with so little amount of people with the knowledge on repairing old video equipment. I've mentioned this to lordsmurf in the past, but i'd be willing to pay for DOCUMENTATION! I'd ante up for repair guides, tips and tricks, step by step processes, tutorials, etc. I've asked smurf about guides on TBC testing methodology, etc etc.

    Obviously I understand that this knowledge is a commodity, and people probably don't want to be putting tricks of the trade out onto the internet, but I fear within a generation we're not going to have the time earned information on repairing this stuff from old school professionals available anywhere.

    Just some thoughts.
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    Hi Deter

    Do you know if there's anyone in the EU region that fixes NF-FS200 decks (the regional equivalent of the AG1980).
    I really love my NV-FS200, and will be pretty upset the day it starts acting up

    I'd be happy to pay a decent amount of money getting it revised/recapped by an expert.
    These are priceless units.
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