Hi, I have recently acquired a Panasonic NV MS1 SVHS camcorder. There are a few issues with it, which I will highlight in the attached video. Firstly, when moving from a bright source to a darker source, it starts to flicker like mad (1:30 into the video). This happens both with video output and through the viewfinder. Secondly there seems to be some issues with the tape transport. When I press eject (2:41) the image goes very dark, almost inverted. When a tape is inserted, there is a kind of grinding noise, and sometimes the machine will take the tape, other times it will either shut off completely or the tape mechanism itself will just shut down. The few times I have got it to record anything, it is just crazy flickering like mentioned before, but you cant see anything else. It seems to not show any image when the tape transport is doing something. Any help from someone with VHS/VCR and camcorder knowledge would be much appreciated!!