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  1. Hi.

    I pretty often does screen captures of complex applications (office, websites, various technical applications etc but not gaming) for learning purposes.

    Normally, I use Avidemux to trim and encode the videos. And most of the times, a couple of minutes of recording may take less than 4MB of space - that is very good compression.

    Since the video mostly consists of still pictures where small parts are moving/changing I'm thinking - is there certain settings that may further increase compression ratio or retaining sharpness (small characters/icons) specific for this kind of source video ?
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  2. For x265 --tskip

    Also , longer GOP intervals (but this adversely affects seeking), more b-frames

    If there are sections with no difference at all (no movement, static sequences), then VFR can help

    Quality wise for sharpness of small icons, chroma subsampling can make a difference. YUV444 will be more clear than YUV420, but YUV444 will not be supported by as many scenarios (e.g. if you share on youtube, it will be converted to 420 anyways)
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