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  1. I am trying to find a solution for gapless video playback for a stack of DNxHR video files. I'd like these files to effectively play as one video file, back to back. can someone recommend a good solution for this? I am working in a windows environment.

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  2. One way is through an avisynth script, then playing that script though a media player such as mpv, mpchc etc... It's a bit of a "clunky" method because you have to write the script. MOV wrapped DNxHR would be preferred over MXF, because MOV container does not require indexing with L-Smash

    I've never seen a media player implement full and proper seamless/gapless audio+video playback without issues
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  3. If they have the same encoding parameters then you should concatenate them with ffmpeg.
    ffmpeg -f concat -i mydnxhrfiles.txt -c copy
    If not then either make a playlist in your video player (not super seamless), or reencode.
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  4. You ca check mpv player. Videos I have here if grabbing in a bunch, dropping them on player, it plays without visible hiccup in between clips.
    Its highly customizable player.
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  5. More generally, how to open/append an arbitrary number of files in a directory (Segments could be named file000.mp4, file001.mp4, file002.mp4, etc. ) ?

    - ffmpeg concat method requires you to write list.txt and will create an output file !
    mkv container output would allow creating chapters to jump to the original segments. I'm not sure how well chapters are supported in mov/mp4 ?

    - how to append segments with Avisynth+ ? Do you have to use a .bat template to generate the .avs script ?
    - how to do it with VapourSynth ?
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  6. unfortunately reencoding the files is not an option in this situation.
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  7. None of the proposed solutions requires re-encoding.

    If mpv works for you it may be the easiest solution.
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