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  1. I have generally been happy with my HandBrake quality settings for ripping Blu-rays to MKV. However, there is one scene in one Blu-ray where the picture dissolves into kind of a fog, and apparently that type of video is had to compress well without it becoming blocky.

    I'd like a way to encode that scene with a much higher bitrate/quality but keep the remainder of the movie at my normal settings.

    I tried encoding Chapters 1-7 with my normal settings, and then Chapters 8-9 at much higher quality settings and merging them with MKVToolnixGUI, but the appended chapters come out totally corrupt somehow after appending, even though they are fine on their own.

    I've confirmed that the dimensions and frame rates and everything else are identical between the "regular quality" and "high quality" videos I want to merge.

    Is this something that isn't possible? Or am I just doing something wrong? Or is there a better way to accomplish this type of scene-specific/chapter-specific quality boost when making an MKV file?

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  2. it's not possible to append segments with different encoding parameters in a single file.
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  3. You can use --zones to specify a range of frames where you 'd apply bitrate multipler. It's applied during a single encode, so there is nothing to append

    The syntax in handbrake is slightly different than x264 or x265 CLI ; For example, if you wanted frames 1000 to 2000 to have a 2x multiplier, you'd enter in the advanced options

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  4. Wow that's exactly what I needed. Thanks!!
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