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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been transferring VHS tapes to digital using the elgato capture card. I am saving the .TS file and using Handbrake to convert to .MP4 format.

    I have run into an issue when I want to do some basic splitting editing in Movie Maker. When I finish editing and save my file as an .mp4 video from Windows Live Movie Maker that the audio is out of sync.
    Two questions:
    Is there a solution or compatibility setting I need to know to change?

    Is there another freeware/paid piece of editing software that works good for basic editing that I can try.

    My current computer specs are a Windows 10 Dell Desktop and an HP Windows 10 desktop. I also have an Windows 8 Desktop and Windows 7 laptop that I have not tried with WLMM recently. I am running Windows Live Movie Maker from the Windows Essentials 2012 package.

    I have used Adobe products, but prefer to use software that is user friendly and faster. Premier Pro has also given me issues with out of sync audio.

    Thanks for any help.
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  2. For frameaccurate cutting you can use VideoReDo TvSuite (payware).
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  3. The one time I ripped a dvd to TS and tried to edit it, it went way out of sync.

    As I don't understand how a video TS folder is encoded I used handbrake to rip the dvd straight to mp4 with a constant bit rate instead.
    Once that was done, it was fine.

    My best ignorant guess is that there is some variable bit rate encoding on in the TS which might explain sync issues
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