Generally, I watch English movies/TV with text-based Korean subtitles. I can understand the English, and the subtitles help my wife.

However, some videos have sections where characters speak other languages, German for example.

In these cases, I combine the Korean subs, which have both the English and German lines translated to Korean, with the forced English subs, which have only the German translated lines. I can do this easily using SubtitleEdit's "Join Subtitles" function.

Then, I manually delete the Korean subs for the sections that have forced English subs. This way the subs are mostly Korean, but switch to English for the parts that I can't understand. The manual deleting can take an awfully long time, but I haven't found anyway to automate it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Someway to force the English subs to take priority would work great. Or, if there is any way to delete all lines that overlap, I could join the subs, delete the lines, and then join the resulting file with the English subs to achieve what I want. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.