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  1. I've been attempting to download videos for my son from a homeschooling website where I paid big bucks for these videos ($300). The issue is #1 - they expire in a year and #2 - I bloody paid for them and #3 - I want to let him watch them offline so he's not on the internet.

    The website uses limelight player and/or brightcove (both are listed). I finally managed to download the video itself (using Chrome/Video Downloadhelper as well as other extensions that ripped them off) and it's ONLY video. I'm thinking that the audio stream is somewhere else but I can't figure out where.

    I also tried Streaming Video Recorder but it won't play the video on the internal browser due to some error message. Jdownloader was a bust. Standard web extensions a bust. Updating codecs to be on the safe side and using VLC and FF a bust. I used to be able to download these years ago but I don't know if they upgraded things since then or I just forgot since 2014.

    I'm including the source HTML and I'm happy to PM our login to anyone who wants to take a crack. There are over 100 videos so I do NOT want to manually set it up to stream and record and all that crap if I can absolutely avoid it. Any help here would be appreciated.
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    What is the site's url?
    Source code only includes HTML ,so it's not really helpful.

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    "Do NOT talk about copying rented/subscription material
    You are not allowed to rip/copy/record rented video. It includes streaming rented/subscribed video like netflix, itunes, hulu plus, etc."

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    Tell them to make the video available for offline viewing. If I would pay so much I would require it.

    And as it's a payed subscription site it's not allowed to discuss in the forum.

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