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  1. I have a problem with the sound. I have checked on settings and my hdmi cable is working on my HDTV box. Is the audio channels on the same source as hdmi? Maybe the hdmi contact is broken with the sound. I only have left and right sound to rca on my TV. The rca cable doesn't seem to fit on my Phillips? Is it special cables for the sound?
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  2. I have sound on the rca port to the stereo. But not in hdmi.
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    I don't understand.
    WHAT are you trying to connect to WHAT exactly?
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  4. I only have sound from the rca channels and not from hdmi port.
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  5. reset everything to factory settings and try again.
    You probably turned off digital audio somehow by accident.
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  6. If your TV has an HDMI input connection, it gets both sound and video from only the one HDMI cable. If you aren't hearing any sound from your BluRay player, but you can see the video OK, either the TV or the BluRay player (or both) have improper settings. Or, your TV just doesn't "like" your Phillips BD player (rare, but it happens: some TV models tend to lose the HDMI audio signal from some dvd or bd players).

    I would agree with dvd3500's suggestion to reset your Phillips to factory defaults, as this usually fixes things, but I just checked the 7100 instruction manual and this model doesn't seem to have any such option to do a factory reset. You will need to manually try changing the audio and/or HDMI CEC options in the Phillips setup menu, and see if that solves your problem.

    Page 22-23 of the manual explains the different audio settings you can try, Page 27 explains the HDMI CEC options. Many TVs prefer the audio setting to be PCM, with downsampling from 96 to 48 turned on. Many TVs prefer HDMI CEC be turned off. Try those settings first. If no luck, bring the player to a friend or relative and test it on their TV with the same HDMI cable. If they get sound, something is not communicating with the Phillips and your specific TV. If they don't get sound, try another cable. If still no sound with different cable and different TV, something may be defective in the Phillips.

    Your 7100 does seem to have a complete set of analog RCA connections: the L + R audio connections are right next to the analog yellow composite and S-video jacks. But RCA connections are usually deactivated while HDMI cable is attached to the player.
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    @OldSchool297, you mentioned the model of your BD player, but not your TV. That could be important.

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