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  1. Hello,
    I am trying to convert video from a Sony Video Camera Hi8 Pal to my PC using an Avermedia CE3310B PCIe.
    When I connect the Video Camera to the Avermedia A/V ports the video received is distorted and flickering. Practically it is not working.
    Any advice how to solve it would be great!
    Thanks in advance.
    Schraga Mor
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  2. Does the video look OK in the camcorder viewfinder?

    I Googled "Avermedia CE3310B" and it returned zero results.

    So I went to their web site:

    and found no product that has any model number that even remotely resembles what you wrote. I did, however, find that all their products are for capturing from HD sources. Some of these may have the ability to capture NTSC analog signals, but you may need to get an adapter. For instance, I have a Hauppauge RGB + audio capture box for which I could get a cable to capture SD analog video. However, if I feed a composite (yellow video cable) signal into it using the RGB connections, it won't work.

    So, you need to provide more information in order for anyone to help.
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  3. Thanks for your answer! The video looks great on the camcorder viewfinder. I had a slight mistake on the model it should be Avermedia
    Thanks again.
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  4. The model number helps. Make sure the NTSC/PAL switch or setting is correct.
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