Just wondering does anyone know of a project that builds (kind of up-to-date; mainly for the dependencies like x265, x264, av1, libav, libbluray,...) builds of mplayer&mencoder which can be distributed? (so either compiled statically or packed into an .app package)
A site like https://evermeet.cx/ffmpeg/ just for MPlayer/Mencoder would also be fine.
Found https://www.spirton.com/mplayer-mencoder-subjunk-build/ put those builds:
a. are not compiled statically
b. don't work since they do not come with the libraries
c. only seem to include x264 and no other additional libraries

Searching the net I didn't find any such project/script.

Even better would be a project like MBAS just for MacOS.

Cu Selur

Ps.: no mpv is not what I'm looking for so please refrain from suggesting to use mpv.