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  1. Was never sure about this setting, figured I'd finally ask.

    I understand

    - if I pick constant, and in the drop down say 30fps, it will be a constant 30fps.
    -if I pick variable, the rate will go up/down where I need it more/less

    But... if I click "Same as Source" does it ignore constant/variable? or do I have to click same as source and constant together?

    Also... which is typically better to use?

    I use to encode video with a set bitrate, but found that wasn't the best option in most cases and switched to constant quality H.265. Wondering what the best framerate would be. Up to now, I've been using what's in the attached image.

    [Attachment 54760 - Click to enlarge]
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    Most videos have a constant framerate,only use variable framerate when you know that the video has that property.Using a set framerate is used for changing if you know wht the results will be like.
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