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    i have 1 Video Intro that i would like to add to multiple videos

    the output should have same name

    i'm using ffmpeg the problem is i'm new and the only script that i can copy is :
    for %%A IN (*.mpg) DO ffmpeg -i "concat:test.mpg|%%A"  -c copy "new_%%A"
    and that script is useless in terminal

    i have read, this thread

    Anyone can help ?
    Appreciated much

    Edit 1: i have found a way to create list for my video files using ffmpeg code
    printf "file '%s'\n" ./*.mp4 > mylist.txt
    now on need to figure how to create a ffmpeg code to run mylist to generate videos (intro + main)
    the illustration of coding something like below
    create "intro.mp4 + mylist.txt = intro.mp4 + "name of file on mylist.txt 1"
    intro.mp4 + "name of file on mylist.txt 2"
    intro.mp4 + "name of file on mylist.txt 3"
    intro.mp4 + "name of file on mylist.txt 4"
    so on until 100

    Edit 2 all of my videos have same res, bit rate, everything, just needed to combine them
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