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  1. Originally Posted by oduodui View Post
    uh.... how do I build ffmpeg for Linux?
    Every distro I have ever seen over the last decade or so comes with ffmpeg pre-installed, the only difference is what build options are chosen. All Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Arch, Manjaro, Suse, you name it have it available, just open up a terminal and type ffmpeg and you will see that it's installed.

    If you want to build a custom copy, download the latest source, extract the archive, go into the main folder, open a command prompt, type ./configure with whatever options you want, then type make and sudo make install.
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  2. I'm building ffmpeg for myself regularly with almost everything enabled. Some dependencies are shared (dll) because of some issues. If you're okay with some dll's or if you don't want those dll's (kvazaar, fribidi, chromaprint, vulkan, glslang, opencl, openal, twolame, zeromq), I can build them for you.
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