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  1. Hello all,

    Recently I was trying to watch my DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End on my 2020 Mac Book Pro with an external optical drive I picked up from MthsTec. Every time I inserted the DVD, the mac would recognize the DVD and start the player application, only to be met with the rainbow wheel of death, forcing me to force quit the application. I tested the drive with other DVD's and they worked fine, so I assumed it must be an issue with the disc, however, when I tested the disc on my Samsung Blu-Ray Player and on my PS4, the disc played fine. I promise, the disc is not a Blu-Ray. I also tested it on my PC through both VLC and PowerDVD 20, however my PC wouldn't play it either. Could this be some sort of weird Disney copyright thing?

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    first, try cleaning the disc to see what that does.
    have you tried checking for a firmware update for your external optical drive ??
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