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  1. Hello to everyone
    I have one big big problem.
    I'm trying to convert 3D SBS video to an anaglyph video and i'm using ImTOO video converter ultimate.
    i have selected the usage of GPU but seems that won't use the GPU and also use only 30 % of CPU.
    there is a way to leave the software to use all the CPU and GPU?:
    CPU: I7-3770k
    GPU: GeForce 960 OC 4GB
    RAM: 16 GB 1600 MHz

    I have attached some screen.
    Thanks a lot
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    Parallelization is no magic. If your workflow contains a step which cannot be calculated easily on several cores at the same time but needs to wait for the intermediate result of a previous step, there is a bottleneck. In your case I would guess that the video encoder is multithreaded, but the previous filtering of the video content may not be that much.

    Furthermore, using the GPU does not happen automagically. It needs to be implemented, and it needs to fulfill some constraints. It would not even be a lot faster in every case it worked. If your converter does not contain Nvidia specific decoders and encoders (or you did not select them), there is no reason to utilize the GPU.
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  3. ImTOO, and similar software, does not mean "use GPU" when it has the option "use GPU", what they mean is "use the built in encoding block NVENC, which is mostly fixed function low power ASIC powered encoding under most circumstances", unless they also offer true GPU powered filters.

    Because of this you will not see the GPU load increase significantly, and the cpu load would only be the I/O and decoding required.
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