Hi guys. I was just wondering if anyone tried this and does it work.

I am looking to download 4K UHD blu ray remuxes and using BDRebuilder to convert them to 25 or 50 GB blu ray (BDMV folder) for burning on the discs.

Maybe it's a weird question but I would like to know before starting to download huge files. I am not even sure is there a need to convert but let's say i want to add certain subtitles, i know i have to go through the procedure.

I had a 4K movie in HEVC mkv but my laptop was stuttering even when trying to play the file but i am sure it's just a weak configuration. I did however run tbe process through BDRebudiler and did get a proper folder but I couldn't not check it because again, weak configuration.

Thank you so much for any help.