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  1. Hi, my name is Tomas. And im desperate to recover some files that were stored in a regrabable mini dvd.

    I had an unfinalized mini dvd stored inside my sony DCR-DVD105 sony handycam. I had like 5 minutes left to record so I started recording. Then an error popped up. "Disk cover open accidentally. Turn on power again". I panicked a lot because the cover wasnt open so I connected to the charger. I then accidentaly disconnected it. The handycam shut down.
    When I turn it on it displays "Disc error. Unsupported format". I tryed in my pc and it shows nothing. I tryed to recover the files with ISOBUSTER free version, CDROLLER and Nero Video.

    My guess is that when the first error showed up and I connected it, the cam was doing like an "emergency finalizing", but since I disconnected it in the middle of it, now I have like a halfway finalized disc that neither the Pc or the cam can read. Im not sure about this, but its what I can think of.

    I beg you to try and help me. I will try every way you guys offer. The files there are extremely important for me and I only have one disc.
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