I use Xmedia Recode Video Converter ver 3217. It has a filter clled "NOISE". Now it also has 'Noise Reduction' to remove noise or snow from a video, but what does 'Noise' do? Is it a way to PUT NOISE ON TO a video - if so will it over-ride those nasty swirling black shapes that plague Internet videos, known as Jpeg Compression Artifacts? I am hoping so but I need an explanation how to set it up for the best results? Pleaese let me know? Usually 'Noise' is considered an ugly site on videos but I have the box set of The Marx Brothers dvd's and these old washed out films seem to have had 'noise' of some kind added to give the pictures a very pleasant "Crusty Quality"! Will 'Noise' on Xmedia Recode do the same ting?