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  1. Hi all. I'm very new to video editing and made a video by importing images from Canva and then adding sound files and a few video files within. I actually imported the images from Canva as MP4s, since it appeared to reduce pixelation versus any of the image formats I tried "jpeg" and "png". This seemed to work fine in the preview screen. However, when I try to publish, in any format (tried wmv, avi and mpg) there is a pixelated effect in the published video. See images, which hopefully attach. I tried to followed the sticky but the options appeared different.


    [Attachment 54676 - Click to enlarge]

    When published/exported:

    [Attachment 54675 - Click to enlarge]

    Fixes I've tried:
    1. Upgrading to paid version. Seemed to have no effect.
    2. Changing the resolution to a higher setting using this video:
    3. Increasing to highest quality in the profile.

    I've put a lot of time into this. It's a ten minute video. So feeling a little frustrated. Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated.

    Edit: I'm using VSDC.
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  2. Colors are also off. Image is converted to BT601 vs. to BT709?

    To be sure. That "bad" image is stretched vertically in both directions, one pixel (or two) up and down, resized, that might be cause of a problem.
    So either vsdc gives it some undesirable resize treat. Or are images and videos and export videos strictly same resolution?
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  3. The preview image has some aliasing. It looks like the output has been sharpened, accentuating that aliasing. Also make sure you aren't using interlaced settings for a video that isn't interlaced.
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  4. Probably commenting way too late to help you for this project, but in case you still want a (potential) answer: You converted between different resolutions too many times. Each time a filter is applied which may cause the aliasing (sharp edges) you see around the text.

    You should import the image as an image, not convert to mp4 beforehand. Try using a software like shotcut (FOSS) or davinci resolve to edit your video, both free. Importing as an image makes you reencode only once. Do not apply sharpening or unsharp mask filters. For youtube export using one of the youtube presets or 1080p30 and set the CRF to 20 or 23, alternatively use constant bitrate of 6000-12000kbs (youtube reencodes when you upload reducing the quality once more).
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