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    Hi all.

    Firstly I was asked to have a look at a DVD transfer of a wedding taken from a VHS tape, as the colours were changing.

    I was told that was the output when recorded from VHS, and the tape itself is damaged.

    Unfortunately the lady who asked to look, doesn't have a VHS machine, so can't check if the VHS tape is indeed faulty, or the guy who transferred the tapes did a half batch job.

    The tape itself is 16 years old, and was only played once apparently, so I doubt that is the case.

    Once I know more, I will have to have the tape couriered to attempt restoration, should the tape indeed be faulty.

    I have attached 2 examples of the footage (This is obviously the DVD, as we currently have no way to test the VHS master until I have it in my possession.

    Please let me know ASAP.

    I am also going to share the URL of this post with the person who requested I take a look, so she also is aware of the issue.

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  2. At best it's a lousy transfer, at worst the tape is damaged. You're not going to know any more than that until you can view the tape under better conditions.
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