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  1. Hi Folks
    Advanced age Low information person here who can use your help.
    I have a Vizio (about 4 years old) and I'm trying to hook up a dinosaur of a VCR. Back of device pictures attached.
    I need to just watch the video tapes not record.
    I understand that I will need a digital converter of some kind-if you know what it's called please let me know.
    The VCR seems to have just 2 inputs(2 rows of audio visual) to work with besides the "cable cord" type of inputs.
    Most set-ups I see seem to work with the 3 prong Yellow White Red composite cords.
    TV has a Component space with Green Blue and Red inputs
    Can you tell me what I need and how to hook up what I need?
    And if I what i need to put the TV remote on(component?) to get the picture.

    Can't thank you enough.

    Steve F.
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  2. The Y input of the component section of the TV appears to also be a composite video input.

    Get a male/male RCA A/V cable like this:

    Use the yellow cable to connect VCR's yellow RCA output to the Y/V RCA input on the TV. Then use either the red or white cable to connect white RCA output of the VCR into either the red or white RCA input on the TV. You'll have to select the A/V input within the TV's menus (or on the remote) to see the VCR output on the TV. That's all you need. But don't be surprised if the VCR no longer works.

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  3. There is an alternative to what jagabo suggested. Consider using a short piece of coaxial cable. Connect the VHF/UHF OUT of the VCR to the CABLE/ANT input on the TV. Switch the TV to OTA channel 3 or 4 to view the VCR output.
    While I actually have not tried that on a newer Vizio, if it can also receive analog TV channels in the digital tuner, that should work, howbeit not always the best picture, but OK for viewing.
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    @OldMan64, if that TV is truly only ~4 years old, it may no longer support Analog NTSC input, as it may not have that tuner section. Many TVs have dropped the option and are only supporting ATSC, etc. NTSC was phased out in Feb 2009.

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