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  1. Hi everyone
    In the past I've ripped all my Doctor Who Blu-Rays to mp4 for streaming on Apple TV. UK TV like this is 25fps interlaced to give a 'studio video' look. its important for me to preserve this. I did this effectively using handbrake, and the deinterlace BOB filter.

    I am now trying to rip some Blu-ray versions with better picture quality (but obviously still reduce the file size). I'm using HQ 1080p preset and again deinterlacing with BOB. No joy. The video still loses motion clarity as if frames are halved.

    Any tips on the best settings? Should I use deinterlace at all? the video seems to be a 25 frame rate, yet the HD presets I have are 30/60fps.. what are the optimal frame rates and deinterlace settings, please?


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  2. Hi Chris,

    If you don't deinterlace you'll see interlace flicker. Perhaps, try the yadif deinterlacer in Handbrake to see if it gives you better results.

    As for compressing from bluray I never rely on defaults but use the following with great results. Under filters enable sharpen and choose the Light preset with tuning set to None. Under the video tab make sure that frame rate is set to constant and just in case set the fps to what you know it is so 25 instead of 'same as source'. Set the Encoder Preset to Very Slow, Encoder Tune to film, Encoder Profile to high and Encoder Level to 4.1. For quality check the Avg Bitrate, make sure that 2-pass is checked and 1-pass turbo is unchecked. Set the average bitrate to 14000 kbs.

    Depending on your system the encode may take some time but I had great results with it. If you find it too slow then try a faster Encoder Preset or perhaps just 1-pass.

    Happy encoding!
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