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  1. Hi there! Is there any practical difference between the LHI and LHE in the context of capturing analog video? I am being asked to capture a couple hundred VHS and Hi8 tapes and want to make sure I end up with the right card. The signal flow will be AG-1980 > EVAL-ADV7842 > Kona. Thanks!
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  2. Lhe can't do hdmi, right? Or am I missing something?

    Edit: the reason I bring this up is because the EVAL-ADV7842 is hdmi out only.
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    There are some Aja Kona cards that can capture S-Video, I don't see why would you go to the trouble of capturing HDMI which may end up disastrous considering the amount of tapes you have, You can't just recapture 200 tapes if something goes wrong later on.
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