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  1. What are my options if I want to take a HuffYUV captured AVI and do a lossless conversion to UTVideo codec? UTVideo plays a bit nicer when editing on OSX, so I need to convert an old capture.

    Am I right in thinking that VirtualDub should handle this fine if I do a "Full Processing" and select UTVideo as my compression? Or should I let ffmpeg handle this type of thing?

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  2. Use VirtualDub in Fast Recompress mode will pass the output of the huffyuv decoder to the UT video encoder.

    ffmpeg should be fine too. Personally I'd do it with ffmpeg with a batch file. Put the batch file in your SendTo folder and you can right click on a huffyuv avi file in Explorer and select Send To -> ConvertToUT.bat (or whatever you name the batch file).
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