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  1. Here's an untouched 1000-frames clip from a source I'm trying to restore a bit

    It's pretty damaged. It has all the niceties in the title. I don't really know what to do. I guess I should downscale it back to the original size in order to deinterlace it properly or something... but this is just too messed up for me Would appreciate any help in producing a clean progressive video from this, thanks!

    FWIW this was originally shot in 16mm.

    Disclaimer: I first posted this over at doom9 but didn't get much success.
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  2. It's a mess. It's already deinterlaced (not too well.) It's blended at various intervals -- probably going back to the original optical film chain, this does not look like a digital transfer. Indeed there are duplicated frames followed by obviously missing frames. It's also VFR once you extract it from the mkv container.

    What are you hoping to use it for?

    I would at most tweak the color and just move on.
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  3. I was hoping to restore it before watching it, so I can watch it in the best possible condition.... But I guess there's not much to do :P Thanks for looking at it!
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