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  1. Hello,

    how to capture live Radio stream like P2 Sveriges?

    Actually I downloaded the .m3u8 file with youtube-dl then after 2 hours I closed the terminal getting a 180Mb file p2-audio=192000-p2-audio=192000.mp4.part that I renamed as .mp4 which is not playable with VLC. Strangely MediaInfo tells me that the 192Kbps/48kHz audio track is present.


    Thank you!
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  2. streamlink "" best -o radio.ts
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  3. Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    streamlink "" best -o radio.ts
    Thanks for your reply. Got this message:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Streamlink\bin>streamlink "" best -o radio.ts
    [cli][info] Found matching plugin hls for URL
    [cli][info] Available streams: 56k (worst), 112k, 224k (best)
    [cli][info] Opening stream: 224k (hls)
    error: Failed to open output: radio.ts ([Errno 13] Permission denied: 'radio.ts')
    [cli][info] Closing currently open stream...

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Streamlink\bin>
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  4. What directory is 'streamlink.exe' in?
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  5. Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    What directory is 'streamlink.exe' in?
    Okay... I downloaded the wrong package. Now it works!
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