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  1. I have an Acer Aspire A315-21-63F1 with Windows 10 that comes with an AMD A6-9220e processor and AMD R4 Graphics. There are drivers on the Acer website for the AMD graphics, but they do not work in their current state. Is it possible to make them work by taking stuff from a Windows 7 supported AMD A6 9220e driver and adding it into the Windows 10 version or vice versa?

    I saw people doing this with Intel graphics, and it gave me the idea to see if something similar would work with AMD. I'm gonna try something and see where it takes me. I'll post a more clearer description of my hardware below.

    AMD A6-9220e Dual-Core processor with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics.
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  2. Go to AMD website, not Acer.
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  3. Originally Posted by blud7 View Post
    Go to AMD website, not Acer.
    Oh, ok. So that means I need to find Windows 10 drivers for my hardware from their website along with the 7 drivers? Also, how would I go about getting the drivers to work. Is it just as simple as opening up the inf file and adding references to Windows 7 (E.G. AMD64.6.1 and xxxWin7xxx, etc) as well as copying values from the Microsoft Display Adapter? or is there more involved? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  4. users currently on my ignore list: deadrats, Stears555
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  5. I am gonna try those later. I found this video that shows how to get Intel Graphics working, Would I be able to do something similar for the AMD graphics?
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  6. Alright, I got it working!!!! I am gonna share the details of what I did a little later on. This should apply to any Windows 10 only laptops with AMD graphics. Once I publish the details, I'll link them here, and make a separate thread in case my site goes down.
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