Hi guys,
I have been using FCP and at times Compressor since FCP6.
I stopped using Compressor when FCP had the ability to export directly to Blu-ray HOWEVER I now need to make a Blu-ray that has uncompressed audio.
As far as I can figure out FCP does not have a way to create a Blu-ray with uncompressed audio so I exported to Compressor.

Once in Compressor, I made a “custom” setting that was Blu-ray video with .wav audio.
I “batch” and Compressor saves a separate video and audio file, then creates a .img file (which is what I want) but on playback, there is no audio, the video is there but the audio “is muted”.

Can anyone tell me...
If there is a way to do it directly in FCP?
If there is a setting or some other thing I might be overlooking in Compressor?
Does my Compressor method seem accurate, or what can I do to fix the issue?
Any help is appreciated, tia