Looking for tips and recommendations on a workflow from someone with experience moving between Windows and Mac when capturing and converting analog home videos. I have some functioning options I've tested out but I'm looking for the smoothest/least bulky way with as little loss in quality as possible.

Capturing: Windows 7 Dell Laptop with VirtualDub 1.9
Basic Editing: FCP7 on iMac 10.10.5 (mask, split, title, fades)
Converting... undecided where and with what

I got Perian working on the Mac, so I'm able to bring in HuffYUV encoded AVI files into FCP7. Just don't know if this is the best way and have some questions if it is.

1. What is the best video codec to use for capture for this scenario? HuffYUV? UT Video? (heard some not a fan of this and that it might have a virus?) Is it possible to capture in ProRes in Windows with VirtualDub 1.9?
2. Assuming I capture with HuffYUV, would it be better to convert that to ProRes BEFORE bringing into Mac/FCP7, or is the Perian solution keeping file as HuffYUV just fine? (Not sure what is going on behind the scenes when it's done this way.) I tested and was able to convert HuffYUV capture to ProRes using VirtualDub2 eliminating a need for Perian, so both ways work.
3. Assuming keeping file as HuffYUV and utilizing Perian, need help with FCP7 timeline and sequence settings including the various ProRes options (HQ, LT, etc).
4. Export sequence as self-contained QT mov from FCP7 with edits as ProRes to prepare for final conversion?
5. Convert on the Mac or send back to the PC? If PC, will ProRes file be ok? I'm told Hybrd/QTGMC is the way to go in either case but I haven't tried this yet.

I know FCP7 just enough to get by and do what I need to do, but I've only worked with DV files so far, so the timeline and sequence compression settings are muddy when working with other formats. I also don't understand pros/cons or even the difference between converting to ProRes BEFORE bringing into FCP vs letting FCP handle it.

Lordsmurf has been immensely helpful so far on some related topics but as I understand he is a little bogged down at the moment, so I'm reaching out to the larger community here hoping someone else can chime in and help me fill in the gaps.

Thank you!