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  1. VirtualDub Question Regarding “SAVE”, “SAVE AS” or “EXPORTING” a project, and When Re-encoding Occurs

    I’m new to VirtualDub, and video generally. My primary purpose is capture of VHS video (but pulling in some other clips as well), address some of the VHS problems using VirtualDub, then do the editing in Adobe Premier Elements.

    Assume that a video file is captured or loaded into VirtualDub. At that point, is the file no longer in MP-4, AVI or other common format; instead it is in a VirtualDub “project” format? Thus, if I “save” the project intending to come back to work later, I am then saving the “project” file without any re-encoding going on?

    What then happens if, in VirtualDub, I apply some filters, especially filters such as a denoiser or deshaker, which adjust the pixels quite a bit? Is there any re-coding at that point? If, with these filters applied, I “save” the project, is there any re-coding?

    Assume now that I’m satisfied with the onscreen result in VirtualDub and I wish to load the file into Adobe Premier for editing.

    Do I simply execute a “SAVE AS” and place “.AVI” in the name? (I doubt it.)

    Or do I execute the “EXPORT” command, of which there are two:

    EXPORT > Save Old Format AVI, or
    EXPORT > Save Segmented AVI.

    (I don’t know what the difference is between these to ways to Export.)

    If my earlier application of VirtualDub filters has not itself initiated a re-encoding, does the re-encoding occur at the point of EXPORT?

    Note: In Adobe Premier Elements, one may have to occasionally “RENDER” the project to work efficiently. And after the completion of all edits one must render the project before exporting to file or folder, or burning to DVD. But I have no idea how VirtualDub operates.

    Any help?

    Thank you.

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    Export is only for the special cases you see in the export menu.

    "save as" is the method to re-encode your video using what ever filter you set up.
    Best to save as MKV or MP4 rather than avi

    Saving the project works as it does in almost all program, saves your settings, etc. and put everything
    back as it was when you re-open the project

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    Avagadro1-please do not open another thread on a question you already asked in a previous thread,this thread is closed,continue here-
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