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  1. I usually extract video from DVDs using DVD Decrypter. This gives me untouched video that I then edit (only cut & paste type editing without anything that requires reencoding of any sort) in another program called MPEG Video Wizard DVD. I have done hundreds of videos this way with 0% issues, EXCEPT when it comes to dual layered DVDs. Whenever I have a DL-DVD, and I extract part of it (or in whole) from a dual layered disc, if any portion of the video I need to use happens to be around where the layer break was, it screws everything up. The video skips, has artifacts etc. Sometimes it does work, but after I have saved the edited video file, it doesn't play right or the sound drops out etc.

    Question: First of all, why does this happen, and why does it ONLY happen to video from dual layer discs? Secondly, what is the proper way to extract video from a dual layered disc without involving any kind of quality loss, so that I can edit it afterwards in MPEG Video Wizard DVD without it acting up? The file format should be VOB or MPG without any reencoding involved. Please help.
    If you could possibly suggest a straight forward and easy to use program without 5000 settings it would be swell. I don't like TMPGEnc and VirtualDub, but if there is a step by step guide that is easy to follow, in order to do what I am wanting to do, even those programs would be OK.
    Thank you in advance.
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  2. Try Pgcdemux and point to the ifo of your desired movie.
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  3. Originally Posted by ProWo View Post
    Try Pgcdemux and point to the ifo of your desired movie.
    Thanks for your reply. I tried it, and demuxing fixed the problem I was having with skips / sound drops, but instead created a new problem.
    Now after I have edited the video, the result edits are several frames off in the finished result. The cuts are exact in the editing program, but after I export the MPG they don't come out right. This problem doesn't happen when I copy the VOBs in DVD Decrypter. So either way I do it, I get some sort of problem. Any other suggestions what I could try?
    This is really frustrating, I really hate dealing with dual layered discs because I always have problems with them it seems.
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