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  1. I subtitled this interview of Mr. T by Larry King :
    There are a few parts that I fail to understand -- mostly things said by Larry King, oddly (Mr. T himself tends to talk very fast with an unorthodox grammar and mixing up bits and pieces of sentences and butchering some words like “chemotheraty”, but I got somehow used to it ; Larry King is apparently a highly renowned interviewer with mighty credentials but sometimes I can't get a single word of his utterance, either that or what I do get doesn't seem to make sense). There's an option to display closed captions but it doesn't seem to work, or closed captions aren't available for that video.

    14:45 Mr. T says that some scenes from Rocky III were shot at Muhammad Ali's house in HanC-O-C-K Park (f-u-c-k-i-n-g automatic censorship). I checked, HanC-O-C-K Park seems to be a place in Los Angeles. Then Larry King says “That's when [he ? you ?] lived in Chicago”. He can't refer to Muhammad Ali since his house was definitely not in Chicaco, but if he refers to Mr. T that doesn't seem to make much sense either as a reply in this context – although Mr. T says “Yes, yes” (but he says quite a bit of nonsense himself so that doesn't mean much).

    15:30 Mr. T says that his mother told him : “Where a man stands depends on where he sits.”
    What is this supposed to mean exactly ? Is this a common proverb ?

    17:25 “ meet your opponent, ***wrestle, then you go to the corner...”

    17:52 *** (Can't get anything at all here, even after slowing down and listening like 10 times in a row... Sounds like “dadgesk” or something Guybrush Threepwood tries to say to Elaine Marley when they first meet...)

    18:33 “But that wasn't usual” or “that wasn't unusual” ?

    18:48 “I used to work in a board of education, because ***”

    19:30 “These are tough questions, Larry...
    – My producers...
    – *** (Perhaps “They're very mean, huh?”) I'm gonna get 'em in the parking lot, later... Alright, I don't know, Larry...
    – ***” (He seems to be mentioning someone named “Kyle”... It could be the Kyle MacLelland who is mentioned in the end credits... perhaps he wrote the tough questions...)

    22:05 “When we were kids we liked having a substitute teacher.
    – Because they're fun.
    – They're fun and ***”
    – *** get away but...”

    24:12 “Then also I got sorta [raddled?] when we were filming Rocky. *** and whatnot, and he said, if he forgets to duck, pat me, and if I forget to duck, he gonna pat me. So we [raddled? rattled?] each other a little bit.”

    24:50 “We would help people. And we *** wrong ways to *** off.”

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  2. 14:45. It has to be "you" as Larry is pointing to T as he says it.
    15:30. I don't think it's common as I've never heard it before. It seems to mean that politicians lie but what they really believe depends on how they were raised. Or where they're from. Or something. Seemed like nonsense to me.
    17:25. You'd meet your opponent in high school wrestling. Then you go to the corner.
    17:52. Well, that gets you.
    18:33. But that wasn't unusual, you know.
    18:48. Not sure. I used to work in the board of education because I is... It's me but it wasn't strange. He seems to be just mouthing sounds while thinking of his next sentence.

    Tired of this.
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  3. Tired of this.
    Well, thank you, it's still helping.

    – What's the biggest risk you've ever taken?
    – Maybe messing with some wild girls !
    Well, that gets you.
    Is this some sort of idiom ? Can't find any remotely meaningful way to translate this.
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  4. Into French? It might mean, "Well, that excites you?". Or "Well, that pleases you?". It's probably phrased as a question. And, no, it's not an idiom. It's probably short for "That gets you going?" Sometimes people phrase something similar as "That's what gets me out of bed in the morning."

    Although I've spent more hours than I care to admit (hundreds) listening to the Larry King radio show, I can take him or leave him. As for Mr. T., I thought his whole act was stupid. Which is why I got tired of listening to that blow hard after awhile. That, and the parts you need translated are hard. I might return to it later but I expect others will jump in to help out. And maybe to disagree with me.
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  5. Originally Posted by abolibibelot View Post
    15:30 Mr. T says that his mother told him : “Where a man stands depends on where he sits.”
    What is this supposed to mean exactly ? Is this a common proverb ?

    According to Encyclopaedia Britannica:

    "Perhaps the most-abiding concept from the bureaucratic politics model, and the shorthand many have used to define it, is that actors will pursue policies that benefit the organizations they represent rather than national or collective interests. This idea, that “where you stand depends on where you sit,” is often called Miles’s law after the Truman-era bureaucrat who coined the phrase."
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    Originally Posted by abolibibelot View Post
    15:30 Mr. T says that his mother told him : “Where a man stands depends on where he sits.”
    What is this supposed to mean exactly ? Is this a common proverb ?
    Did you run a search? It's the aphorism "Miles' Law".

    Originated by Rufus Miles in the US in the late 1940s.

    "Where you stand" (one's position or arguments advanced on a particular issue) depends on "where you sit" (one's place in some administrative or other hierarchy or social group).

    It has been variously interpreted since the 1940s. Essentially it means that constraints (from bureaucracy/hierarchy/social groups) diminish the ability to publicly offer an objective and genuine position on any particular discrete issue, or to only offer a position that is consistent with those constraints but may not necessarily be the position offered absent those constraints.
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  7. Did you run a search?
    Not for this. I didn't know if it was an idiom or just a mother's own piece of wisdom, and if it was an idiom it had to be phrased very specifically to produce relevant search hits (and considering that Mr. T quite often mixes up a word for another, or a letter for another, the likelihood seemed quite discouragingly low). In this case, I would have typed "where a man stands depends on where he sits" in quotation marks, whereas the original / most common phrasing is apparently "where you stand depends on where you sit".
    I did painstakingly search other things, like that *** Park location where Muhammad Ali used to have his house, which turned out to be Hanc-o-c-k Park (and then I edited the Wikipedia article to add that piece of information). Or the church mentioned at 06:12. Or the aforementioned “Kyle” (I couldn't find anybody with that first name anywhere on the IMDb page for that show, but happened to find one in the end credits yesterday while doing some quick corrections). Perhaps I was tired myself at that point.

    But thanks, that's quite clear now, and this explanation fits with the context of the dialogue.
    Still hard to translate in 86 characters or less while preserving the "my momma told me" aspect...
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