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  1. My problem is this. I have many DVDs that I want to convert to either h264 or h265, but I've been trying quite a few different software programs to do so. I've used MakeMKV to transport them into MKV format prior to converting. The files look fine after I do that task, however I've tried DVDFab, Adobe Media Encoder & TMPGenc Video Mastering Works, but my finished products are adding terrible combing effects that were not on the original videos?
    I've tried them all with both Deinterlace settings enabled and disabled. I've tried with both Software Encoding & CUDA Hardware Encoding, & have updated every driver needed for all of these tasks but I'm getting the same results?

    Am I missing something?
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  2. You say combing artifacts were not in the original videos. But maybe that was just your player de-interlacing them when you viewed them, i.e. your original videos were in fact interlaced or telecined. When re-encoding to H.264/H.265 it is recommended to:
    1. - if the source is interlaced: de-interlace (*)
    - if the source is telecined: apply inverse telecine (IVTC)
    2. only after that apply any re-sizing filters
    3. encode in progressive format

    If you do step 2 without doing step 1 first on an interlaced or telecined source you will get horrible artifacts.

    If you post a short, un-altered sample from your source VOB files (e.g. using DGSplit) others may help you identify the exact nature of your source.

    (*) some people like to keep interlaced which is also possible but requires extra care when re-sizing and en-coding
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  3. The original sources all appear to be originally interlaced. I have done Steps 1 & 2 in that order but haven't came across any option to proceed to Step 3 in some of these programs, which is most likely what is happening.

    There's no mention of Progressive encoding in DVDFab that I can see? I have seen it with the other software I mentioned, though I'm not really a fan of DVDFab as it has its drawbacks, so I'll likely not bother using that one anyway.

    Also, a lot of the software gives the wrong information, saying that they are Progressive videos, but MediaInfo says Interlaced. I've tried using Adobe After Effects as well as Adobe Media Encoder to get them to change to Progressive, but it seems to make no difference?
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    All of the H264 GUI encoders will use progressive enoding by default unless you specify a special flag in the x264 software options
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  5. Originally Posted by magnu View Post
    Am I missing something?
    Yes, you haven't provided a 10-second sample yet, one showing steady movement. I cut them using DGIndex.
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