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  1. Please see Playback Info below. I updated PotPlayer and some drivers and I fear I broke some setting or config or codec. Of note, this is just a 1080 blu ray video which my computer can handle like a champ and I played this video all the time but now after some changes seems something is broken.

    See the format and graphic card being used for hardward acceleration and see the frame rate.

    What setting changes do I need to make to get it play alright again?
    Am I missing any codec?

    [Attachment 54451 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. Try to right click - playback - speed - normal/last used.

    Or just reset settings.

    PotPlayer use non-standard hotkeys and it's easy to brake something by mistake, so you can disable default hotkeys and create your own, just those you need.

    It's not so easy though, you have to add each one by one, so you can use these, just edit the ini file:

    PotPlayer Custom Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys
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  3. It is not a playback speed issue, I tried that. It is a renderer/encoder/codec issue.
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