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  1. Exporting Audio Track, Improving It In Audacity, Re-Importing It

    I captured a 1980s VHS video, loaded it to Premier Elements. The 1980s videographer must have used a microphone attached to the camera (with the speakers several feet away), as the audio is quite poor, often to low in volume, and with lots of noise and rumble.

    I have Audacity software. Iím thinking I might try to EXPORT the audio from my Premier Elements project (probably as a WAV file), load it into Audacity, use Audacityís De-Noiser and other functions to improve the audio, then import the improved WAV audio file into my Premier Elements project to replace the original audio track.

    Two Questions:

    1) Is such a thing possible while ensuring that the new timeline audio track remains the same length and can be perfectly synchronized with the video track?

    2) In terms of work flow, would (could) I delete the original timeline Audio Track 1 and place the improved audio on timeline Audio Track 1, or do I place the new audio on timeline Audio Track 2 and mute or delete the original Track 1 audio.

    3) Is this a doable thing to do, or am I nuts to even try?

    Thank you for your help.
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  2. 1) Yes
    2) Use the new corrected audio only as track 1. You could do this with any muxer g.e. Mkvtoolnix.
    3) Yes.
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  3. Thank you, ProWo. I give it a try.
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