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  1. I have some MP4 files that have subtitles. When I burn them to DVD using Wondershare DVD creator it loses the subtitles.

    Is there any software that will burn the DVD and keep the subtitles.

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  2. DVDStyler, you could hardcode them to have nice looking subtitles.

    Or AVStoDVD.
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    Wondershare is crap.

    The subtitles are a separate sub stream, and must be converted to the DVD-Video spec sub stream format.
    It can be done, yes.
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  4. If not hard-coded (an always-visible part of the actual video), the subtitles in MP4 (and MKV) video files are stored as separate streams. Depending on the specific MP4 and subtitle specs, a DVD creation app may or may not recognize there is a subtitle stream and automatically import it into your DVD conversion. More often than not, you need to either download a matching .SRT file from one of the subtitle enthusiast websites, or extract the subtitle from the MP4 with a utility like mkvToolnix. You then import the separate subtitle file into your DVD project with the subtitle controls in your DVD authoring app (AVS2DVD, DVDflick, DVDstyler, etc). You should be able to choose how you want the subtitle to work: automatically show whenever the DVD plays, or not show unless you press the subtitle display button of your DVD player.
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