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  1. Good evening to all and good rest of summer!
    A walk with my moto Tenere midweek on its beaches
    Vourvourous of Halkidiki at Greece.
    Awesome waters and worth going for those who have not gone.
    Maybe the karidi has the 'name' like THE beach of the area but
    personally Fava at (1:30 minutes) withered more, not of course that the karidi was ugly!
    here is the video
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  2. Member DB83's Avatar
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    I have not checked your video and I will not for one simple reason. A reason that may be innocent for you.

    This site is here to help people with your video. You have not requested any help.

    Creators often post yt links simply to get views and such behaviour is not encouraged here.

    If this does not apply to you, you have been caught by a general assumption.
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  3. I did visit the video and gave it a thumbs down. I didn't watch it, only the thumbs down. DB83 gave the reason why.
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  4. no problem at all... maybe wrong door ... peace!
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