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  1. hmmm, can't get anything to work. All I get when I click on YUY2 is the message: unsupported video format. This happens on all the choices. Any suggestions? Thanks
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  2. hello ! im having some issues with my capturing.... at some point in the captured video, a white box appers in the middle, it takes about 60% of the screen in the middle... i try using vdub 1.6.6 and vdub 1.5.10, with no compression or with picvideo mjpeg, with nvidia and microsoft wmd drivers ... all the combinaisons gave me the same problem ... i have a msi fx5600 vtdr128 vid card .. anyone got solutions ? thx
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  3. This was posted using a bugmenot account.

    Try using the WDM 1.08 capture drivers from nVidia, they will help with this issue. You might need to use an older Forceware driver like (71.xx or earlier) - but try it with WDM 1.08 alone first.
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    i am actually looking to capture raw frames without interlacing.
    is there a way to turn off interlacing in virtualdub.
    please help
    thank you
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  5. Interlacing isn't caused by VirtualDub, it's the native state of video. If you want to deinterlace while capturing enable filtering (Video -> Filter Chain -> Enable) and add the Deinterlace filter (Video -> Filter Chain -> Filter List). But you run the risk of dropping frames (as the deinterlacing requires more CPU resources) and you will be damaging your captures.
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  6. Just wondering if theres an updated how to guide "High Quality Capturing with Little Frame Loss in VirtualDub", or is this even still the best way to transfer VCR tapes?
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