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  1. I have a DVD that needs to be detelecined, it has 3:2 pulldown. That said when I detelecinded the credits at the end were jumpy. When I used QTGMC without IVTC the credits are smooth. I'm at a loss on how to handle this. The credits obviously need the double bobbed framerate of QTGMC but the footage does not and the footage need IVTC.

    This is the script I used to deltelecine:
    D = QTGMC(Preset="Slower", FPSDivisor=2, EdiThreads=3)
    TFM(slow=2, cthresh=4, mi=0, pp=7, clip2=D)
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  2. You can make it VFR , 23.976p sections play at 23.976, 59.94p sections play at 59.94p. ("Whatever" fps sections play at "whatever" fps)

    Or use some constant frame rate, but you have compromises. e.g. 59.94 fps CFR - 23.976p sections with duplicate frames in a 3:2 pattern to make up 59.94 (judder) . Or 23.976 fps CFR, but credits jerky

    What format are you planning on using, or how are you going to be watching it ? That may limit your choices
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  3. Thanks for the response! The format will be H.264 in an MKV container. Can you please explain how you would setup the VFR to fit this scenario. I'm inexperienced in that area but eager to learn.
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  4. Assume one framerate, join it in the script , mux in timecodes to control the playback speed


    Section A you'd IVTC normally, fps is 24000/1001

    Section B you'd apply QTGMC, fps is 60000/1001 . Use AssumeFPS(24000,1001) on that section, so all the frames are there - as if it were double rate deinterlaced, but it's "slow motion" currently . (You're only assuming the frame rate for joining purposes in the script, avisynth can't handle native VFR)

    Use aligned splice to join

    A ++ B

    Encode the script normally as "23.976"

    Use timecodes (also called timestamps) in mkvmerge / mkvtoolnix to specify the fps . They control the playback. Read the section under "external timestamp files" in the mkvmerge documentation . You mux in the timestamp file for the video track.

    eg. if section A was 10,000 frames (frame 0 to 9999) @ 23.976 ,section B was 1000 frames (frame 10000 - 10999)frames @ 59.94

    The timestamps would look like this
    # timestamp format v1
    assume 23.976
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  5. Another possible way to approach this is to use one of the motion interpolating frame rate converters to change the final credits to 24000/1001 fps after QTGMC().
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