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    Is it possible to create a menu with more than fifteen chapter using using TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6?

    Previous versions (several years ago) allowed one to create up to twenty-five chapters in a top menu or in a track menu.
    However, the current version seems to limit the number of chapters to fifteen.

    I normally use the mode titled "Create Custom Menu By Choosing Layout and Items".
    The options in the mode titled "Create Menu Based On Template" are just too "busy".

    The other day, I accidentally clicked something that seemed to offer the ability to create up to twenty-five chapters. I somehow lost it, and now I can't seem to find that option, whatever it was.

    Help, please?
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    There are limits of how many buttons that can be placed on a single menu page.

    For a 16:9 menu the limit is 18 buttons (I guess your programs uses the rest for navigation to other pages)

    For a 4:3 menu the limit is 24 buttons.
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    With tmpg authoring works 6 when i make a blu-ray with 23 episodes from a tv series i make 2 page and put 12 on the first and 11 on the next,having more than 15 on a single page would be too crowded let alone 18.
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  4. The DVD spec permits up to 99 chapters per titleset. I mention this because, while there is a limit to the number of buttons per menu page, you can have additional chapter stops "between buttons." You access these by simply pressing the Chapter+ or Chapter- buttons on the remote.

    This may not be of use to you, but it is a way to add lots of additional chapter stops.

    You obviously can also chain menus together. I often have 4-5 menus, each with 8-12 chapter buttons, along with navigation buttons to go to the next/previous menus, as well as a button to go back to the main menu.
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