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  1. Im editing on Sony Vegas and I want to listen to music in Youtube for instance, and sometimes I lose audio on Youtube, or on Sony Vegas, and I have to change the audio settings in Vegas from one thing to another (not sure what these do, I just change it to something else so it works again)

    On my animation software I lose sound and I have to close it and open it again. Sometimes I get an error:

    Anyone had this problem and how to fix it?
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  2. Make sure you select the correct audio device in Control Panel.

    Then, without Vegas open, make sure you can play audio from YouTube in your browser (I assume that is how you are playing YouTube).

    Finally, once that is working, go back to Vegas, and change the audio device in the dialog you posted until you get audio in Vegas. That setting should make zero difference to the audio device being used to play YouTube in your browser.

    If you have an audio card that has installed its own software (Creative Labs devices often do this), then you may also need to look at the setup apps for that sound card when doing the first two steps above.
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  3. Does the audio stop working suddenly and randomly, or while doing a particular action ?
    Could it be caused by some keyboard shortcut accidentally activated ?
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  4. Video editing is resource hungry, you would do better to have your youtube music play on an other device and let vegas work alone, even more so if you happen to be using Chrome to surf you tube. Chrome can suck the life out of just about any computer on the planet.
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