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  1. I've tried PotPlayer, VLC, MPC-HC, and the Windows 10 built in Movies and TV app. While most all videos appear perfectly fine, I come across the odd one that looks very washed out. In PotPlayer for example, the image is corrected if I enable "Display ICC Color Gamut Correction" in the picture shader settings. What would the reason for this be?

    Here is a sample of the video itself:

    And a screenshot of what I am describing. Top is "Display ICC Color Gamut Correction" disabled, bottom is enabled. At first glance it's especially noticeable in the back bars. Why do only certain videos need this setting applied, while most do not?

    [Attachment 54338 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. That video was not produced correctly. Maybe some error somewhere in the workflow

    "black" bars or the reference black level should be Y=16. This one has black at Y=30 . The elevated black level means low contrast, and produces that "washed out" look
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